Friday, May 27, 2005

Free book on a blog

I didn't intend to offer anyone a book for free.

But shortly after my new book Killing Earl went into production, I chanced upon a story that needed to be told. I began another new book.

After talking with my publisher, I realized that it would take well over a year to bring another book out. But this story couldn't wait.

I decided to tell the story of a young man, Taylor G. Wells, as an unfolding book on a new blog. I hope you visit One Night for Life. There are links on the blog to sites that explain the young man's plight.

And if you know anyone who might help, please let us know.


Suzanne said...

I'm hooked. I'm stunned, too. How horrifying! I'll be reading.

Kay Day said...

Suzanne, thanks so much.

I just couldn't refrain from trying to help him. It's a rare case that draws me in as Taylor's has. Law and order never cease to amaze me, as our fellow lawyer-poet frequently notes.

best to you,Kay

Nick said...


I went over and read Taylor Well's story and was abhorred at how easy it is to be implicated in a criminal investigation and ultimately be incarcerated. It reminded me of the case of the young man in the movie "And Justice for All" who went to jail for a broken tail light on his car (or some such infraction) and never got out alive. Frightening!


Kay Day said...

Nick, it's a complex case. I hope the new site and those Beth Cioffoletti has set up help draw interest. It's amazing to me how a person can simply be forgotten within the prison system. Thanks for coming by!--best,Kay

Rachel Dacus said...


Thank you for your courage in following an intuitive response. I'll be staying tuned to your account of Taylor's story and how it unfolds while folding you in. A remarkable decision of heart.


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