Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back to biz

As the official publication date approaches, a get-real perspective takes hold. Soon, I’ll meld to the road, or the air, depending on the city, and take Earl along. I've already received some great comments from those who bought the book at the pre-release events. That gives me confidence.

I’m doing a signing in in a couple weeks in Columbia, SC—actually the first official signing. I’m also doing an information session there for the National League of American Pen Women, Inc., in an effort to “resurrect South Carolina.” There’s only one NLAPW branch left in Carolina. I'm thrilled to have my event at the independent store The Happy Bookseller. That store carried my very first collection, a book I repubbed myself after my chapbooks were gone. Plus if I had to pick a bookstore I frequented from the time I was around 20 years old, it'd be that one. Love that place. We don't have a store like that in Jax.

Spent much of last week sleuthing for press contacts, writing letters, sending my author letter to publications who received a review copy from my publisher. Spent additional time trying to pull a freelance piece together that just isn’t cooperating. Wrote a new poem; worked on an old one—my “bluegrass” verses, as I see their spirit, seem to preoccupy me at the worst possible times. And found myself pounding away on the novel, something that means a great deal to me because I’ve been in love with this character for years and absolutely am determined to finish it.

Will host a reception next week here at the house for Dorothy Fletcher’s new book—wine, poetry, writers of different persuasions. We always have a good time with those. Dorothy is a fine poet, and I’m honored to host her launch as part of my Community Poetry Series at Barnes and Noble.

Somewhere in-between, tossed informal ideas about a workshop a group has asked me to do. Wrote 2 more chapters on Taylor. Never a dull moment.

Grass got dry enough for me to mow, and I finally, finally got to swim today. Water was a wee bit cold, but I was so glad to see the sun overcome all this rain—fully understood the power of the Sun God for ancient Egyptians. Great piece in National Geo about Tut; do read if you haven’t already. The reconstruction of his countenance on the cover is absolutely mind-boggling.

I wanted to also thank the writer who inspired me to do my own blog. Ron Kattawar has a deft way with prose and is on his way to screenplay success. So thanks, officially, Ron!

Watching a piece about Southern Rock with my husband; more next week as I get down to the nuts and bolts of a new book release.

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