Sunday, June 19, 2005

Book biz miscellanies

The official pub date for Killing Earl draws near, with my number 1 tour stop in the city where the story began. Freelance writer Rachel Haynie surprised me with a very nice article about my book and signing in The Columbia Star. The pre-release launch and sales have gone great, and I’m hoping the book will help anyone who navigates a medical crisis, especially if the patient is an adolescent female.

Read an interesting piece in an old issue of USA Today (3-10-2004) about the book biz, with a focus on how the book market has changed over the last decade. There’s a wealth of information if you click the links in the right column, and this is a good resource for anyone who has a book coming out. There are many dismal facts. For instance, USA Today points out that sales of Cliff Notes for The Scarlett Letter outpace Hawthorne’s classic at a ratio of 3.6 to 1. Sad. The book biz will break your heart.

On another note, a young writer I admire and have had the pleasure of knowing is about to send his first novel forth into the marketplace. It’s a fine work and I am certain he will succeed. I met Christian Bahr two years ago when he rallied a news crew for Jacksonville’s most popular news team to cover a poetry press conference that a diverse group of poets hosted. We were astounded that a news crew actually taped and broadcast. That day began a friendship that I treasure and it opened a door for me to see his work progress.

Hope all you fathers had a great day. I lost my father when I was in my early twenties, so I marked the day by writing him a poem and by appreciating my husband, who is one of the greatest fathers in this world (just ask our daughters!)

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