Saturday, November 18, 2006

Subscriptions to mags: what to do

I was talking to my friend Dorothy Fletcher this morning about magazine subscriptions. I have too many. So this is the season, as the fiscal year ends, to take a look at my subs and decide who stays and who goes.

Dorothy's a writer, so we talked about a few publications she might subscribe to. I told her if I had only one subscription to a writing magazine, it'd be to The Writer. Before you proceed, I disclose I've written for the magazine, the handbook, and currently do a Net column "Poetry Beat."

But I can share the magazine has been on my desk since I was a 17-year-old in a small Southern town, dreaming of being a writer. There was a newsstand in my town. I'd leave my job as a dime store clerk each Friday afternoon and head for the newsstand. I'd always purchase a magazine. One week I'd buy The Writer. The next, I'd pick up The Atlantic. Then it'd be The New Yorker.

Many years later, the newsstand is gone. I subscribe to a number of magazines for different reasons.

The Writer is one I rely on for news, articles on crafting, information on publishing, contest announcements. I found a treasure trove of information by writers like W. Somerset Maugham and George Bernard Shaw. They were published in past issues of this magazine that's been a friend to writers since 1887.

I subscribe to Christian Science Monitor for their balanced news coverage, interesting features, and poetry. I write for them sometimes too.

I've never written for Time or the Weekly Standard. I buy the first for liberal news and the second for conservative news. Nor have I submitted to National Geographic, but it's a sub I can't do without.

I get the daily newspaper here because I start my day with it and like to read it with my coffee.

I get Health because I'd like to submit to them if an idea strikes and I like their articles on fitness and women's issues. I almost forgot to add Poetry. There's at least one poem that really sticks with me in each issue.

Those are the subs I'm sticking with. They've served me well.

--posted 11-18-06 by Kay B. Day

Note (11-21-06):Sigh. A dear one wrote to remind me I also write for the daily newspaper sometimes. See what happens when you try to disclose everything? Since I didn't mention it by name, I figured I'd done things up right. But my dear one is wise, so be aware: the Times Union has published my freelance articles in the local sections.


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jill terry said...

Congrats on the new column and thanks for the tip on The Writer. I've just purchased my first subscription and look forward to delving in!

Kay Day said...

Jill, it's well worth it. I can't begin to tell you the work I've sold and awards over the years because of the magazine.

I'm so glad to see you around here--do you have a blog? If so, I can link you. Just let me know.

best, Kay Day

jill terry said...

Hey Kay,

I'm a seasoned blogger and just recently switched to Wordpress because of problems I had at blogger when Google got involved.

My old site at my new address is, I'll include a link to you as well.

Does your column in The Writer appear in the magazine as well as Online? I look forward to reading it.

Take care and happy holidays!


Kay Day said...

Hi, Jill,

Thanks for letting me know your URL--I've heard good things about wordpress. Right now, my switch to beta here seems to be going okay, except I lost my category headings in my links. I'm going to put those back in once I get caught up after going out of state.

I'll get you linked; I have a bunch of links I need to add.

My column only appears right now online; from time to time I also have articles in the print edition too, though.

I wanted to do an online poetry column for a long time; so many poets and writers really congregate on the Net.

I was very happy when The Writer accepted my idea; I like writing for them anyway. Read the mag cover to cover every month for a long time.

So glad you came by--when I get back next week I'll pop over to your place.

Best to you, Kay