Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A first for me

For the first time--I think, if memory serves me right--one of my poems has been published in a newspaper.

The Florida Times Union's neighborhood news sections, including the one for my own part of town, ran the poem today on the front page. I wrote the poem after seeing this cool photograph a reporter named Dan Scanlon took. I sent the poem to Dan so he could see what his photo inspired.

The photo showed the sun rising and the full moon in the sky at the same time. Unfortunately you can only see this photo in the print edition. But the poem's online.

I wrote about writing the poem in an earlier blog.

To read "The wishing sky" click on the title of this column or go to:

It's a neat thing having a poem in the newspaper.


shoofoolatte said...

wonderful poem, Kay. I love the images you use, could almost hear that thin whisper ...

Was just checking in to get a little boost from your crystal clear writing. I got it!

Kay Day said...

Beth, thank you so much--I don't know why these comments haven't been showing.--best, Kay