Friday, December 02, 2005

Catching up

November 16, 2005

It's hard to believe the year is almost over. With the
arrival of 2006, I'll pick up where the tour left off, with
events scheduled in Florida, South Carolina, and
Georgia. I'm planning to take several weeks off mid-
December through the first week in January. I realized
last week this has been a challenging and sometimes
exhausting year.

My poetry will be featured in the December issue of the
journal published by the Florida Council of Teachers of
English. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the October
FCTE conference. Florida is blessed with some
spectacular English teachers.

Watch for an interview with poet Billy Collins in the April
issue of The Writer. Soon, my essay about working with
students on poetry at Nease High School in St.
Augustine, Florida, will be featured in the St. John's Sun.
And I'm penning a Christmas story for the Florida Times
Union. I'm also pitching an essay about the Felony
Murder Rule, and I'll let everyone know who bites and
where it will be published.

Other than than that, slogging through the trials and
tribs of freelancing. I found out last week that I need a
license from the county to freelance. Spent an hour or
so getting all that together--who'd have thunk you'd
need a license to do this? My former home state never
cared, but then again, Florida doesn't have the personal
income tax that South Carolina levied. Either way, the
government's gonna' dip into the pocket.

Best to all,
Kay Day

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