Sunday, October 23, 2005

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Sunday, October 2, 2005

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Welcome to my new digs. I decided to move my blog to Creative
Writer because it's just easier all around.

I established Creative Writer because for one thing, I get tons of
email and phone calls from aspiring writers of all ages. I figure
now I'll be able to share information in a less time-consuming

This site will also give me some opportunities. I get many
requests to review books. But I can't always place a review. So
when I read a book that moves me, I can put the review here.

Since I'm also moving my personal pages from to, I'll probably use Creative Writer to host my "good
cause" pages, such as those for the National League of
American Pen Women's Jacksonville branch, and my literary
archive pages, By Invitation. This will take some time, though,
because I have to sandwich it in between assignments from
editors and book events.

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Billy Collins. That
will come out in The Writer soon, so stay tuned. Billy Collins is
one of the most interesting American writers I've ever talked with.

In other news, co-author Dorothy Fletcher and I are collaborating
on a new book, and we've set up our new Wordstream Writers'
Retreat to debut January 28, 2006. Watch for more on this unique
approach to exploring our favorite pursuit.

Meanwhile, visit either of my other sites, and know that I'll be
adding to these pages at Creative Writer on a weekly basis.

I'll archive this blog at my Bookbeat site.

NOTE: I'm always glad to see friends and fellow writers place a message here. But those who post advertising links--well, I'd rather they not do that. A classic example is the individual posting an ad for Carrier equipment. Well, I happen to know about heating and a/c equipment, and I'm here to tell you don't blindly buy that brand. There are less costly brands that are just as good.

Please don't automatically click on the advertising links embedded in these banal messages. I don't know where the links will take you. I don't click on them at all. I plan to remove those messages as soon as I have time.

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